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Amorphous Reactors

Reactor is a crucial component in circuit systems, serving multiple important functions. It protects power electronic components such as frequency converters, soft starters, servos, and speed controllers in drive mechanisms, while also ensuring the reliability and extending the lifespan of electrical equipment. Additionally, it reduces grid harmonics and phase displacement, smoothes current, and suppresses abrupt fluctuations in current and voltage. Moreover, it safeguards motor coil insulation and aging damage, thereby enhancing the motor's longevity, and reduces the impact of frequency converter pulses on loads, while also minimizing propagated interference in nearby areas. 

The key characteristics are as follows:

• Amorphous alloys have high magnetic permeability and can provide high magnetic field strength, thereby increasing the inductance of reactors;

• The low coercivity of amorphous alloys makes the reactor easily magnetized by external magnetic fields, which helps to improve the response speed of the reactor;

• The temperature stability of amorphous alloys is good, and yes, the reactor can maintain good performance over a wide temperature range;

•  Amorphous alloys have lower losses and can effectively reduce the losses of reactors in high-frequency conditions;

•  Amorphous alloys have good processability and corrosion resistance, and can be processed into reactors of various shapes and sizes to meet different application ranges;

• Due to the high magnetic permeability and low coercivity characteristics of amorphous alloys, the volume of amorphous reactors can be made smaller at the same capacity;

They are widely used in PFC inductors, transformers, inverters, switching power supplies, new energy vehicles, etc.

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